Ordinary people


South Africa went through decades where ordinary black people could not use their gifts and talents; could not reach to the stars as we in America think we can.  The Apartheid government believed they had to hold the controls because, as I was often told “they are adolescents.”

I’m reading  Nancy Pearcey’s TOTAL TRUTH  again, as she develops an understanding of our Christian World View. In describing the life of our forefathers  she writes: It began to seem that ordinary people were quite capable of making rational choices to advance their own interest.  And when they did, lo, they created wealth all around. . .  by that time it had become a common “discovery” that ordinary people, operating freely and autonomously, were quite competent and capable after all.

Astonishingly, by the middle of the eighteenth century in the larger American colonies, per capita wealth was far higher than anywhere else in the world. There was no longer any need for an authoritarian government to stand as traffic cop over limited resources! (emphasis mine)

I’m looking forward to meeting many of my old friends, ordinary people, who are using  entrepreneurial skills and leadership to enrich the country and build the Kingdom of God.

(If you are able to get The Soweto Legacy (see About Books)  you’ll see how elitist power corrupted their dreams)

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My husband and I spent 22 years working with African young people in South Africa under Apartheid, which deepened my passion for the disenfranchised. During regular returns to the US I earned my MA in Communications at Wheaton Graduate School. Later I became head of publications for Partners International and edited a quarterly magazine. In the 90's I directed the AD2000 Women's Track networking with thousands of international women leaders in Christian ministry. I have written/published twelve books on missions, biography, fiction, most recently two biographical novels about Dr. Katharine Bushnell, nineteenth century crusader against what is known today as trafficking. Daughters of Deliverance and The Queen's Daughters are available in Kindle as well as print on Amazon. I was married to Allen, now deceased, my lifelong sweetheart. We had four sons,( one deceased,) one daughter, and 18 grandchildren. How can I help but praise God for the full life He's given me, and the opportunities even in my senior years, to live purposefully.

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