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Trafficking in LA


It’s been some time since I’ve posted on this blog.  I’m shifting from focusing primarily on South Africa to the book I’ve been writing for some time.  Tentatively named Boundless it tells the fictionalized story of Dr. Katharine Bushnell, a nineteenth century activist who exposed sexual trafficking and faced personal danger as she rescued women who were bound.

Here’s a quote from EXODUS NOW which works with women and girls trafficked in our own country. The EXODUS team worked the streets of the French quarter where many prostitutes and trafficked women were brought during Super Bowl.

“On Super Bowl Sunday, we rejoiced to read a powerful testimony, on Feb. 1st, given by a woman who had formerly been trafficked for sex during such an event 2.  Her story is eye-opening, ringing as a public alarm on sex trafficking during the Super Bowl. The next day, we had the privilege of meeting with a woman who was a survivor herself. She boldly made the decision to flee a life of sexual exploitation and began a new life working to restore women and even do outreach in the same strip club she had been working at.

“God showed me that I was chained—and the chains were all just lies of the enemy,” she explained,“…But I had the key all along—it was Jesus. It’s like there was a key hole with light leaking through, and I just had to follow that light.”

Her words were full of praise and love for the One who had forgiven her and set her free. She laughed and cried as she told us of her family, her past struggles, and her future ambitions. She is a woman who holds prayer and love as the first weapons in her artillery and explained that it was only through them that her escape was possible.

On the final night before our departure back to Kansas City, we carried out our last outreach to the same strip clubs on Bourbon St. This time, it was pouring rain outside, and the street was much emptier as the Super Bowl crowd had departed.  With the decrease in customers and chaos, both the bouncers and the women in the clubs opened their hearts to our team. Tears were shed as some of the women shared about their difficulties and at one point, half of us were praying for a bouncer outside one of the clubs, while the other half of the team was praying for a woman inside.”