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The Greatest Social Failure of our Era


The Greatest Social Failure of Our Era

As I write Boundless I am more aware that the problem of the treatment of women reaches far back into history and across the globe.  But it seems everywhere today there is a growing consciousness of this evil.  Below is an interesting commentary from the Denver Post by David Rathkopf .

            The larger looming story is our continuing failure to protect women of their rights.  The U. S. in particular is going to face some very difficult choices in the years ahead on this point.,  Are we so eager for closure in Afghanistan or stability elsewhere that we are compliant with putting in power regimes that will continue to suppress the majority population, deny them education, deny them protection under the law, allow them to be abused under the protection of barbarous and indefensible “cultural tradition?”  Will countries like India continue their tradition of failing to enforce the law against rapists who prey on their women, as in the case of December’s horrifying Delhi gang rape?  Will the gunmen who targeted Malala in Pakistan continue to seek to intimidate those who emulate the    courageous schoolgirl?


            My fear is that the answer will be “yes” and that in the year ahead we will see even the worlds’ most progressive and enlightened powers continue to feed the greatest global social failure of our age, by looking away and accepting the unacceptable.  Davbid Rathkopf

How can we fail to remember how much Jesus cared for the spiritual and physical welfare of women.  How we forget his tender concern for Mary Magdalene at the tomb?  Woman, why are you crying?