Trafficking is big business


Boundless, Book one of my two part series about Dr. Katharine Bushnell, is at the editor.  I’m starting book two and working through hundreds of pages of research which I’ve done over the last six years.  Reading Katharine’s report about young girls of fourteen or sixteen forced to live in the chaklas—brothels inside the British military bases in India in the eighteen hundreds, is just as heart-wrenching as modern stories of such abuse.  It’s encouraging today  that many organizations are trying to help these girls – the public is aware,  though not enough really care.

Katharine and her colleague were sent to India ALONE to expose the military’s nefarious practices. She made a difference—but it never ends.  Read the uplifting story of something happening in India today.

Trafficking is big business

Traffickers target poor families.  They say they have contacts to get their daughter a job.  The unsuspecting girl is taken to the city where she doesn’t’ realize what is about to happen until it’s too late.  She is sold to a brother for about $1000 . She is kept there under guard.

The girls have as many as 20 customers per night.  Each pays about 500 rupees of less (just $10).  Eventually the girls lose all hope.  They think that this is how it’s going to be forever.  They don’t feel they can go back to their home village with the stigma of what they have done.  Those trafficked at young ages often don’t even know where their home village is located.

Several of our partners have “after-care homes,” safe places where rescued girls are taken.  As I talked with the girls, the difference the center makes was so obvious—it was like night and day.  Those recently rescued were sullen, staying at the edges of the room, not saying a word.  Those who had been in the home for a while were talkative. . .  like you would expect a teenage girl to be.  But, it took months, sometimes years, of loving care to bring them to that place. There is nothing easy about this kind of work.

                                                                           Bob Savage,

                                                                           Partners International



My husband and I spent 22 years working with African young people in South Africa under Apartheid, which deepened my passion for the disenfranchised. During regular returns to the US I earned my MA in Communications at Wheaton Graduate School. Later I became head of publications for Partners International and edited a quarterly magazine. In the 90's I directed the AD2000 Women's Track networking with thousands of international women leaders in Christian ministry. I have written/published twelve books on missions, biography, fiction, most recently two biographical novels about Dr. Katharine Bushnell, nineteenth century crusader against what is known today as trafficking. Daughters of Deliverance and The Queen's Daughters are available in Kindle as well as print on Amazon. I was married to Allen, now deceased, my lifelong sweetheart. We had four sons,( one deceased,) one daughter, and 18 grandchildren. How can I help but praise God for the full life He's given me, and the opportunities even in my senior years, to live purposefully.

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