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  1. Lorry, I am Susan Nash. We met in Cypress at a Christian women’s conference where you spoke. I came with a team from Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis. Your book Risk Takers for God has had a profound impact on me. We also communicated through email. I will be at Cherry Hills for the General Assembly June 15-22. I am now the interim Director of Women in Ministry for the EPC. In speaking with Ramona Spillman today, she mentioned your name as one of the authors from that church. I was amazed. I would love to reconnect with you while there. Susan Nash susancnash1951@att.net


  2. Please send me your book, “Daughters of Deliverance”. PDF or kindle- either one would be OK. I work with an Apple iPad. I will try to review it before Dec. 1.


    • Hi Gail, I have sent you the book per Dona Powell’s request. Please write a review even though it is after Dec. 1. All the reviews count– no matter when they come (of course the sooner the better). Thanks for your interest. Have a blessed Christmas. Lorry Lutz


  3. Lorry,

    I was a Warrenteen MANY years ago. Now living in Florida. May husband and I have been to South Africa a couple of times, We LOVE to travel!!!!! Carole Cech posted your email about your book, Daughters of Deliverance. If I am able to find it in a bookstore somewhere, can I forward it to you to autograph and return to me????? Those Warrenteen days will always be so very, very special!!!!!!!!


    • Hi Barb, I just read your comment. When were you a Warrenteeners. Al and I were there from 1951-54. We left that year for South Africa. In my blog today note the beautiful proteas the children gave me.

      I would be happy to send you a signed copy if you send me your full name, address and a check for $16 ($12 for the book, and $4 for postage.) My address is 3085 Mill Vista Rd. #2507, Highlands Ranch, CO. Blessings. Lorry Lutz


  4. My sister Betty and I were Warrenteens late 50’s. I think you had already left.

    I am putting a check for $16 in the mail for your book on Monday. Thank you, I am anxious to read Daughters of Deliverance.


  5. Hi Lorry,
    Kelly & I are thrilled for you with your two books! I’m hoping to present them to our book club at church so we can put them on our calendar for 2018.
    Blessings to you,
    Helen Williams (formerly from First Pres in Milpitas, now living in Apache Junction, AZ.)


    • Thank you for your comments Helen. I’m sure First Pres misses you. Hope that Kelly found another outlet to sing for Jesus in Apache Junction. Glad you are thinking about using Katharine Bushnell’s story in your book club. Sheila followed me to Colorado and we live about fifteen minutes apart. We’re all doing well, praise the Lord


  6. Hello Lorry,
    A friend of mine was downsizing her collection of Christian books before moving to Colorado, and I selected a boxful that looked interesting. The first one I picked up to read was “Looking Forward to the Rest of Your Life?”. I remembered your name from when I was at First Pres Milpitas and that you also moved to Colorado, and I have been struggling with just that issue, as retirement is turning out to be nothing like I expected. Your book gave me some good ideas of directions to turn and things to focus on. Thought you’d like to know it’s still blessing people all these years later, and great to see you are still at it!
    Susan Burgess


    • Haven’t heard about Looking Forward for some time, but I’m glad it was still a help. You may be interested in my latest two books, historical fiction about Katharine Bushnell,. Kate, as she was called, was a passionate Christian, who risked her life rescuing and reporting what we know as “trafficking “today. Daughters of Deliverance takes place in the US, and The Queen’s Daughters takes Kate on to England and India where she reveals girls being sold to please British military. Stories are intense but clean. Both books are available on Amazon. Lorry


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