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  1. Lorry, I am Susan Nash. We met in Cypress at a Christian women’s conference where you spoke. I came with a team from Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis. Your book Risk Takers for God has had a profound impact on me. We also communicated through email. I will be at Cherry Hills for the General Assembly June 15-22. I am now the interim Director of Women in Ministry for the EPC. In speaking with Ramona Spillman today, she mentioned your name as one of the authors from that church. I was amazed. I would love to reconnect with you while there. Susan Nash susancnash1951@att.net


  2. Please send me your book, “Daughters of Deliverance”. PDF or kindle- either one would be OK. I work with an Apple iPad. I will try to review it before Dec. 1.


    • Hi Gail, I have sent you the book per Dona Powell’s request. Please write a review even though it is after Dec. 1. All the reviews count– no matter when they come (of course the sooner the better). Thanks for your interest. Have a blessed Christmas. Lorry Lutz


  3. Lorry,

    I was a Warrenteen MANY years ago. Now living in Florida. May husband and I have been to South Africa a couple of times, We LOVE to travel!!!!! Carole Cech posted your email about your book, Daughters of Deliverance. If I am able to find it in a bookstore somewhere, can I forward it to you to autograph and return to me????? Those Warrenteen days will always be so very, very special!!!!!!!!


    • Hi Barb, I just read your comment. When were you a Warrenteeners. Al and I were there from 1951-54. We left that year for South Africa. In my blog today note the beautiful proteas the children gave me.

      I would be happy to send you a signed copy if you send me your full name, address and a check for $16 ($12 for the book, and $4 for postage.) My address is 3085 Mill Vista Rd. #2507, Highlands Ranch, CO. Blessings. Lorry Lutz


  4. My sister Betty and I were Warrenteens late 50’s. I think you had already left.

    I am putting a check for $16 in the mail for your book on Monday. Thank you, I am anxious to read Daughters of Deliverance.


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