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Tomorrow I’m having a “book-baby!”

Tomorrow I’m having a “book-baby!”

This is my twelfth “book baby” and one was stillborn ūüė¶¬† At times I still wonder if that first struggle to write a book could be brought back to life?¬† It had a rather strange title–“How to Bring about Change Without Everybody Getting Mad at You?”¬† I guess it didn’t fly then, because I couldn’t find the answer.¬† The manuscript was all about¬† being hurt — and what the people who were mad at me–and my husband–did.¬† Maybe when I turn ninety (next February) I will haul it off the shelf and read through those typed pages again. I suspect the answer would come as I read. God has certainly given me more insight and understanding of relationships after almost fifty more years of living!

I’m not having a big launch party for The Queen’s Daughters. ¬†It’s not that she isn’t worth it — my, the adventures¬† Katharine Bushnell and Bess Andrews had in India should keep my readers awake! When they both got stuck in Peshawar at the end of the Kyber pass (from Kabul,Afghanistan) I had a hard time getting them out of there myself.

The launch of a twelfth book is something like launching the fifth child in a family. Relatives visit and send cards  and gifts when the first grandchild is bornРand in this century the cellphone lines are hot with baby pictures.  But my fifth baby started life on the road in  the back bedroom of our 42-foot trailer as we traveled across the country meeting people and speaking in churches about our youth work in South Africa.  In one church a dear lady felt sorry for our baby, and offered to take him home and care for him the whole week we were there!! (I wish she knew what a godly, sensitive, caring man he turned out to be, and how much he was and is loved by the whole family!)

Well, back to¬† — THE QUEEN’S DAUGHTERS. She’s my twelfth and fulfills my dream of birthing a book that will challenge readers¬† with¬† Kate’s passion and risk-taking efforts to overcome injustice.

Tomorrow– September 1– is the day.¬† If you enjoyed Daughters of Deliverance you’ll be eager to read the sequel, The Queen’s Daughters. Please write a review at the bottom of the book’s page in Amazon–it helps so much to get the word out to others!

The Setting of The Queen’s Daughters

The Setting of The Queen’s Daughters

I visited India for the first time  in 1979, but my memories are still vivid.  Most of the cars on the roads were black  Ambassadors, manufactured in India.  No bells and whistles, but the drivers cleverly maneuvered around cows in the road, and daring pedestrians forging ahead through the traffic.

One night we stayed in a guest-room across from a park ¬†full of peacocks. ¬†We looked forward to seeing them in the morning, especially the males, proud in their plumage of yellow,blue,and green feathers.¬† What we didn’t know when we laid our weary heads on the bumpy pillows and longed for a breath of moving air, was that our peacock neighbors couldn’t sleep either. They were awake at sunrise, greeting each other with the loudest, most raucous, ugly sounding calls you can imagine — and multiply that by one hundred or more birds.

India is a fascinating, colorful  land to visit, though the sight of beggars living along the side of the streets, or a mother in a bedraggled sari, standing in the middle of traffic, her hand outstretched  for food for the baby in her arms and the toddlers clinging  to her skirts, was always heart-breaking. As I traveled frequently to India over the years, beggars became less visible (perhaps by some municipal regulations?) and the cities looked more prosperous.

My early travels in India¬† were far less comfortable than today. We seldom had air-conditioning in the moderate guest houses where we stayed, and suffered frequent loss of electrical power.¬† We often rode on rickshaws drawn¬† by men whose powerful muscles in their arms and legs kept their bony frames moving through traffic with ‘seeming’ ease.

¬†I could go on, but I think this will help you to understand why I especially enjoyed researching and writing¬† Dr. Katharine Bushnell’s experience in India eighty-five years earlier.¬† The challenges were greater, but she was determined to expose the mistreatment of¬† young Indian women in the brothels of the military¬† during the British Raj, and to help free any she could.

A historical novel, The Queen’s Daughters is the second book about the life of Katharine Bushnell. It is set in Victorian England, British India, and the Far East.¬† There’s joy, victory and obedience to God’s call on her life, even though the subject matter may seem dark at times. If you like to read books about strong women who served God in unexpected places, you’ll enjoy getting to know Dr. Katharine Bushnell. The Queen’s Daughters¬† is available on Amazon, September 1, 2017,







Bringing back the old

Bringing back the old

This week I was reminded to promote other books I’ve written.¬† If you go to Lorry Lutz on Google, nine of my eleven published books are displayed.¬† It’s almost embarrassing to note that some sell for as little as 48cents!¬† Of course as far as books go, they’ve been around for a long time, and face hundreds of thousands¬† of other books which have¬†been published since.

Three of my books are on Kindle — The Soweto Legacy, When God Says Go, and Daughters of Deliverance.¬† I have to admit, I like them all– but then I am prejudiced.

The Soweto Legacy was published in the 80s, but it deals with subjects as current as today.¬†¬†¬†Set in South Africa when apartheid reigned, it tells the story of a mixed-race couple (a no-no under apartheid) and how their two families handled the delicate situation. Race and ethnic hatred contrasted with love, forgiveness and God’s¬†care as the story comes to a dramatic conclusion.

When God Says Go¬†resembles Daughters of Deliverance, in that it is about a brave,persistent, godly woman who spends her life relieving the suffering of others.¬† Mother Eliza George, a daughter of American slaves, serves the tribal people of Liberia, rescuing girls from early marriage to old men,¬† educating them in schools she’s founded, and starting churches with pastors she’s trained.¬† But that’s just the framework of this true story¬†.¬† Her marriage to Mr. George — really out of convenience so she could stay in Africa–is just one of the quaint¬† stories that emerge out her rich and colorful life. At ninety-five she’s still traveling¬† through the jungle, carried in a hammock by porters, straddling across a log fallen over a¬†¬†swollen river, to bring the message of God to one more village.

Katharine Bushnell’s story of courage, persistence and faith is told in Daughters of Deliverance.¬† She spent most of her life exposing¬† what we call trafficking today— in the streets of Denver and Chicago,¬† the forests of northern Wisconsin– and later in the¬† barracks of the British military in India.(see my recent posts for more)

Even old books can be enjoyed — and fortunately they are all on Amazon for your enjoyment.


Is Daughters of Deliverance being read?



I think I’m a pretty normal author. ¬†I love writing and seeing my character develop. The launch of a book is a high point when I can actually hold the book in my hands or read it on my Kindle. ¬†But then there’s the concern — is anybody reading my book? ¬†Or was it just an ego trip, or something to keep me busy?

Royalties, of course, tell the story. ¬†But it takes months before the reports and royalties come in. ¬†In the meantime I wonder and wait. However, there is one indicator that gives me a hint that¬†Daughters of Deliverance¬†is being read. ¬†Every day I open the ¬†Amazon site where my book is offered.¬†¬†I check the number of reviews which tells me what my readers think about my book. ¬†Today I saw that 43 readers had written reviews (Thank-you for your response) and that¬†Daughters of Deliverance received 4.8 gold stars out of 5. That’s soothing to my soul.

I scroll down the page ¬†which includes all the details about the book, like the number of pages, the ISBN number– all those important things readers don’t ¬†want to know. ¬†And there’s a short bio of me beside my ¬†ultra-glamorous picture . (I don’t look like that in the mirror.)

Finally at the bottom of the page Amazon lists the rank of 100 best-selling books in the Kindle store. ¬†I’ve been shocked to see Daughters of Deliverance in the top 100 books in Inspirational fiction, Christian women’s fiction, and Inspirational. ¬†Sometimes, like today it’s ranking 77, 84 and 90 ¬†out of 100. ¬†Other days it’s been in the mid-30s or 40s. Considering that there are more than 42,000 books in these categories, I admit I’m pleased. ¬†Right now the ¬†Kindle edition of¬†Daughters of Deliverance is being given away, so here’s your chance to put this “top-rated” book on your Kindle free!

And, kindly write a review.





Is the story of the book on the cover?

Is the story of the book on the cover?

Book covers are designed from different perspectives.¬† The author wants the cover to graphically display the purpose and heart of the book.. The artist¬†tries to display his or her¬† artistic abilities .¬† The publisher wants a cover that¬† “sells!” The reader hopes the cover will tell her what this book is about.

Not every reader realizes that the author seldom has any control over the cover.¬† She may give suggestions– even a rough design, which may or not be used.¬† And as most authors’ contracts say,¬†‘the final decision rests with the publisher’.

Over the years I’ve had cover designs I’ve loved, and some I haven’t appreciated.¬† I received a suggested cover from Paternoster in England for Women as Rick Takers for God— a silhouette of two women’s faces, nose to nose, as though in confrontation. Instead the book was about women as leaders in the church around the world, joyfully and lovingly serving God.¬† I guess my disconcerted call from Turkey, where I was visiting my son, convinced the publisher he should try again.¬† And try he did with a creative cover that stands out from the rest.

I have included here¬†the cover of¬†my latest book, Daughters of Deliverance.¬† Do I like it?¬† Welllll– yes because it¬†is very¬†colorful ¬†and attracts readers, which will please the publisher and probably¬†my pocketbook.¬† But it doesn’t tell the story.¬† In fact, if you haven’t read Daughters of Deliverance¬† or the information on¬†the back cover or on Amazon — what does it say to you?

Tell me, what do you look for in a cover?¬† What causes you to pick up the book , or click on Amazon’s picture to open and read?¬† I’m about ready to make suggestions for the sequel to Daughters of Deliverance.¬† It is titled The Queen’s Daughters. Consider yourself the artist for a moment.¬† You know little about the story — you really don’t have tie to read all the books you work on.¬† How would your cover fit the title?







A Pleasant Shock


I had a pleasant shock today. ¬†Daughters of Deliverance¬† rated ONE out of Amazon’s ¬†top 100 free Inspirational Fiction books. ¬†There’s still time for you to put Daughters of Deliverance¬† on your Kindle for ¬†free through January 31. I check those numbers every day and there were days when it didn’t rank at all in the top 100.You can always buy either Kindle or print through Amazon books.

Publishing a book includes leaving yourself open not only to criticism but to undeserved praise. ¬†I’m so thankful for the more than thirty readers who’ve taken the time and made the effort to write a review on Amazon. ( I need more! )

Here’s an example which encourages me to do all I can to see that ¬†The Queen’s Daughters¬†is published September 1,2017.

Although this is historical fiction set in the late 1800’s, the issues are as contemporary as today’s headlines. This is the story of Dr. Kate Bushnell, whose deep and authentic compassion for exploited women is matched only by her unflinching courage in the face of opposition. A good read. I’m eagerly waiting for the sequel, “The Queen’s Daughters”, which will complete the story of this extraordinary life.

I received a review that excited me several days ago which ¬†opens up a whole new readership I hadn’t expected.Since teen-agers are so worldly-wise these days,they would understand ¬†Kate’s passion to release women from sex-slavery.

While I was staying at my grandmothers house, I read your book ” Daughters of Deliverance.” I want you to know that I really like it and I think that you did a really good job writing that book. ¬†I can’t wait for the sequel. Henna, 16 years old.¬†”

Since teenagers are so worldly-wise these days,they would understand ¬†Kate’s passion to release women from sex-slavery.This ¬†opens up a whole new readership I hadn’t expected.




Daughters of Deliverance

Daughters of Deliverance

Writing a book has many stages — but ¬†the most difficult for me ¬†is to promote the book. Selling anything is not pleasant, even when it’s as great as¬†Daughters of Deliverance.

When my husband and I were in college (he wasn’t my husband then– not even my room mate)one summer ¬†we decided to sell World Book encyclopedias. ¬†You probably don’t remember those beautiful red bumpy- textured covers with a black and gold title. ¬†They really were a great family product– full of pictures in the years before TV.

The training class was superb. It sounded so easy. Just walk up to the door and knock. ¬†A harried housewife answers and you tell her about this wonderful product that will entertain her children by the hour. ¬†And educate them at the same ¬†time.The harried house wife goes back into her kitchen for the ¬†jar where she’s been saving for “something special,” brings out $100, and you’ve made a sale.

No, it didn’t work like that. Instead I didn’t want to knock on that front door. ¬†I even prayed that there would be ¬†no one at home. ¬†You can imagine that I sold very few World ¬†Books. ¬†To be ¬†honest — none! ¬†My husband made 100% more sales than I did. He sold one– and we quit.

That must have been sixty-eight¬†years ago. ¬†And here I am selling books again. ¬†But this one is fun. ¬†I wrote it myself about a ¬†courageous, persistent, caring woman ¬†who obeyed God by rescuing women from mistreatment and slavery. Readers are telling me they ¬†can’t wait to read¬†The Queen’s Daughters —¬†the rest of Katharine Bushnell’s story — coming out Sept. 1

So glad for others who help sell my book. ¬†Those wonderful reviewers who keep moving the Amazon algorithm up — how else can you get Amazon’s attention? And ¬†I’m thankful for a very ¬†young journalist from the Highlands Ranch Herald who took time to hear my story, and write it.

I don’t even have to knock on your door. ¬†You can go directly to Amazon ¬†to read it for yourself.

Sorry that you can’t read the article . ¬†It’s really pretty good, except I have 18 grandchildren instead of 8. Couldn’t figure out how to enlarge the type. ¬†Just trust me. It’s good



Squanto and the pilgrims

Squanto and the pilgrims

Read on! ¬†there is a connection between¬†Daughters of Deliverance and ¬†Squanto’s story!

Reading Breakpoint  this morning, I  the learned the story of SquantoРa five year old Indian boy who was kidnapped by  Spanish traders  who had landed five years before the pilgrims.  Squanto was fortunate enough to be sold to a well-meaning monk in Spain who taught him about the Christian God. Later Squanto  made his way to England. There he worked in a stable for a kind Englishman who taught him English and looked for passage to the new world for Squanto. Ten years after he was captured, his benefactor found a way to send him home.

Sadly Squanto found his whole Wampanbog village had been decimated by an epidemic. A year later the Pilgrims arrived and settled on the very land where his village had stood. Squanto greeted them in English and became a friend to the Pilgrims.In¬†the diary of Pilgrim Governor William Bradford, Squanto “became a special instrument sent of God for [our] good . . . He showed [us] how to plant [our] corn, where to take fish and to procure other commodities . . . and was also [our] pilot to bring [us] to unknown places for [our] profit, and never left [us] till he died.” Squanto died asking ¬†prayer that he would go to the Englishman’s God in heaven.

There are many people like Squanto whose lives of sacrifice and compassion for those who ¬†in need are lost to history. I was taught that Indians and Pilgrims praised God together for the harvest; today’s history books probably debunk that. ¬†But Squanto’s life is kept alive,¬†written in the diary of Governor Bradford.

One of the reasons I researched and wrote about the life of Katharine Bushnell was to bring her life and work alive. ¬†Squanto helped to keep the early Pilgrims alive that first year they struggled against the elements in their new homeland. ¬†Katharine’s compassion and persistence against the sin of sexual slavery kept women and girls alive in the 19th century. Her story, told in my historical novel,¬†Daughters of Deliverance¬†comes out next Thursday, December 1, on Amazon or through me.

Thanks for Squanto’s story written in ¬†Breakpoint Commentary, originally ¬†by Chuck Coleson. John Stonestreet and Eric Metaxis currently write the daily commentary.




I’m Back


My six foot almost-five inches grandson– bless his heart
The Happiness Engineers

For two months I’ve been attempting to get back to writing in my blog. ¬†It’s been a conundrum. ¬†I changed passwords over and over and over again. But every time I tried to open my WordPress site to write a new post — I was refused. ¬†I almost felt like that little dialogue box and I were at war — I no sooner lifted my hands off the keys then it would shake back and forth. ¬†No! No! No!.

Tonight my grandson came to help. ¬†He’s one of these ‘dudes’ that can type text with his thumbs without looking — you know that kind. God love him, he’s keeping ahead of the junior high kids he works with at his church (and that’s no easy task.) ¬†But even he couldn’t figure out how I’d been locked out of my domain, and couldn’t get back to post.

But then a miracle happened. At 10:32pm I sat down to close ¬†my computer, and thought I’d just check my emails for the day. I found a message from the “Happiness Engineer” (that’s what those WordPress geeks call themselves) to say they’d resolved my issue and I could ¬†sign in.

I did! And I’m back!

(Those crazy two lines at the top –” my six foot… and Happiness engi…–“? I hit a ‘read more’ tag on top and didn’t know how to get rid of it. ¬†You’ll probably get a lot of this from a grandma trying to catch up to her grandkids.)




Doubly cursed


Why would this young woman be attacked and murdered? Because of ser sex? Because of her religion? or both?

April 8, 2014 (MNN) ‚ÄĒ Muslim Brotherhood radicals are being blamed for the horrific murder of a 25-year-old Christian woman in Egypt. According to reports, Mary Sameh George was in a suburb of Cairo delivering medicine to an elderly woman near a church when the attack took place.

Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs writes that she ‚Äúliterally was dragged out of her car by a mob of radical Muslims. They had just left the Mosque after Friday prayers in a suburb of Cairo. Their prayer service had been generating some anger.‚ÄĚ

One report indicated the woman had a cross in her possession. ‚ÄúThe mob started banging on her car. [They] eventually climbed up on top of the car. The roof began to collapse. Then they dragged her out and beat her and stabbed her until she was dead.‚ÄĚ

The message this attack is sending to the world is obvious, says Nettleton. ‚ÄúRadical factions of Islam are still very strong in Egypt and are still vying to have control or to have influence in the country.‚ÄĚ

The Muslim Brotherhood was outlawed in Egypt before the revolution. With elections approaching, Nettleton says, ‚ÄúThis is really going to be a challenge for whoever the new leader is to get the Muslim Brotherhood under control and to really provide law and order and to provide protection for Egypt minorities including our Christian brothers and sisters.‚ÄĚ

Throughout history women, as the weaker sex, have fallen prey to assault, rape, murder. When you combine her sex with her faith in Jesus a double message is sent: women are to be kept subservient, and Jesus is our enemy. If they only knew that Jesus loves her — and them.-