It’s often hard for me when I receive praise (which is a kind of encouragement) to differentiate my reaction between pride and thanksgiving to God for using what I’ve done. This is especially hard when people respond to my books.  It is very encouraging when someone tells me they’ve read Daughters of Deliverance, and that reading about Katharine Bushnell blessed them and they thank me for writing her story. That’s really why I wrote the book and why I am trying so hard to promote it so others read her story.

But I do often ask myself, is that really why I appreciate the compliments? Or is it because I’m eager to see my book appreciated and sold so others will read it?

I know I’m thankful that this week Daughters of Deliverance appeared as Number One of 100 most read in one of Amazon’s ebook categories — as a free book! I think that takes humility, don’t you?.

It also keeps me humble when I see so few reviews coming in to Amazon for The Queen’s Daughters.  Reviews count when Amazon decides to promote books as free (yes that is considered promotion) .

I received a review recently which came to me directly, and I savor it. I love that even young girls can learn from Katharine Bushnell what it means to  be prayerfully obedient  to God’s call on their life. (Check my May blog, Blessed are the Pure in Heart) I received this encouragement from a dear friend — one whom I seldom see anymore, but whom I deeply respect:

And I have to tell you I just finished reading that new book on Katherine Bushnell from you,  and gave it to my oldest granddaughter as part of her 12th birthday present.  I couldn’t think of a better book for a young woman with a wonderful calling on her life already!  Great message of letting God use you for his purposes throughout it!  Thank you for writing it!

I’m encouraged– humbly.