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When bounded is better


Boundless, the fascinating life of Dr. Katharine Bushnell, who exposed and fought sexual trafficking in the 19th century, begins in China. Kate was horrified at the inhumane and brutal mangling of little girls’ feet, broken and bound to never grow beyond three inches in length. This began Kate’s lifelong passion to see women respected and freed to their full potential, unbound by tradition and free to serve God.

This little uTube turns the story around, to show how thousands of children around the world born with club feet, can be freed to live their full potential—by binding their feet.

This is a short promo piece by an NGO, but the pictures of change are amazing. Facilitators have made changed children’s lives in more than 27 countries!

And watch for my forthcoming novel, Boundless, based on a true story, full of drama, danger, romance and adventure.